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Fostering Innovation and Sustainable Solutions within Established Organisations

Intra Vision Consulting is a professional consulting service, dedicated to achieving business success whilst championing environmental sustainability. 

Specialising in strategic planning, corporate innovation, comprehensive contract management services, and Environmental Management System support, we are committed to guiding organisations towards growth, development, and a future that aligns with ecological balance.

Our passion for sustainability goes beyond rhetoric; it's ingrained in our DNA. We possess a unique cross-industry expertise that empowers both established small to medium-sized organisations and start ups alike. Whether you're seeking assistance in navigating the complexities of growth, sustainability solutions, or crafting an Environmental Management System that echoes your commitment to the planet, we're here to lend a hand.

We understand the challenges of thriving in a competitive marketplace while striving to minimise environmental impact. Many businesses aspire to these goals, but not all possess the necessary skillsets or resources. That's where Intra Vision Consulting steps in – to bridge the gap between your aspirations and your current capabilities.

As experts in environmental management systems, we take pride in designing tailored solutions that not only meet industry standards and regulations but also ignite a genuine passion for environmental stewardship within your organisation.


Our mission is to empower you to achieve your business objectives and visions, all while creating a positive ecological footprint.

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Green Architecture

Expert Contract Management & Strategic Planning

Discover the transformative potential of streamlined contracts and targeted strategic planning at Intra Vision Consulting.

Our experienced consultant excels at crafting meticulous contracts that drive efficiency and mitigate risks. Through our strategic planning services, we provide a clear roadmap to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, propelling your business towards success. Explore how our expertise can empower your growth today.

Forge a Greener Path with ISO 14001 Ready for Certification Environmental Management Systems

Embrace sustainability with confidence through our ISO 14001 read Environmental Management System services.


At Intra Vision Consulting, we guide businesses towards a greener footprint by aligning your operations with globally recognised standards.

Let us help you navigate the journey towards environmental excellence, making a meaningful impact while fostering business growth. 

Green Indoors

In 2021 businesses were responsible for around 71% of global carbon dioxide emissions

Significantly influencing climate change. This underscores the pivotal role that corporate actions play in addressing environmental challenges.

Only 25% of global businesses had committed to transitioning to renewable energy sources

This indicates both a significant potential for reducing carbon emissions and a need for more businesses to embrace sustainable energy solutions.

For the most accurate and up-to-date statistics on business impact on climate change in 2023, I recommend consulting reputable sources such as reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the World Economic Forum, or other environmental research organisations.


Meg Thornley | Australia 
Digi Plus Marketing & Media(Small - Medium Sized Business) 
“My business was in a position where I was not retaining staff due to workloads, but I was too busy trying to keep my business afloat to look at my processes and find efficiencies. After 4 weeks working with Emma, I managed to reduce duplication in workloads and have some really clear strategies in place to support my team, whilst meeting my business needs. I am grateful for her guidance and efficient responses and look forward to working with her again'. 

​Elkie Martin | Indonesia
Tasha'O(Small Start Up Business)​

'I have been an IT Engineer for over a decade but when it came to starting my own business, I had no idea where to start. Emma understood my vision and helped me to deliver the concept and bring my business to life. She even helped me land my first contract, which was not apart of her services".

Reika Lewis | Indonesia & Australia
Electro Hub(Small Start Up Business)
"I was tendering for a large scope of work in Australia but part of the Tender application was supplying our Environmental Management Plan. This was something we were not scaled or sized to complete In house and felt overwhelmed in the thought of starting.  Emma worked to meet our vision and needs, whilst creating the EMS to be attainable and tangible in our changing business. She also provided us with a clear KPI strategy which made these commitments easy to achieve and continue to improve. The turn around at short notice was also greatly appreciated".

Eco Impact Insights

Intra Vision Consulting

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Leaner Processes

Greener Businesses

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Brighter Futures

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